Here’re the ideas – just take and implement them already

RFID tags for clothing that tell your washer/dryer what can and cannot be in there so no accidental drying of clothing / perhaps the washing machine can suggest what needs to be done.

Freezer gel sticks for things like the Ooler to kick-start the cooling process (simple ice bucket tech).

Every Bluetooth device track where it was last seen… where the hell did I lose my GoCube this time? When did I have my earbuds last? Well damn, all of these things connect to Bluetooth so narrow it down for us with a “Last seen at…” on the Bluetooth menu… lose a connection to Device X? Get precise location and log it. How much battery is that going to take? Not a hell of a lot for an os-level thing.

A clip-on portable charger. Not a Mag-safe, not a “lay it down” – clip on. Grabs the sides and can be put in a pocket. Has a flat short charging cable that doesn’t have to bend to connect.

Universal after-market mounting gear for case edges. Something that things like the TLTD can attach to for those who, like me, don’t want to glue things to a phone case that’s a significant chunk of change.

A left or right justified air vent phone holding clip mechanism. Basically something that holds a phone to the left or right of the air vent without blocking the air.

Phone case with laser pointer, measuring tape that comes out, perhaps a knife. Swiss Army case. Everything else needs to do multiple things these days, why not the case?

Completely virtualized phone OS – never lose out on an update because the manufacturer stops putting out device-specific patches.

A design your own layout controller using magnetically attached pop on buttons.

Multi-biometric and factor authentication for certain things, ability to pass an authentication token by reading a phrase on a call. Yeah, I want a retina scan and a text message before I deal with money moving.

Something that can clean your camera lenses in one swipe without removing the case.

Streaming pre-load for outdoor Bluetooth speakers… yeah playing stuff off your phone is cool and all for 2017, but why tether your phone to a speaker that will cut out the instant you walk out of range, or screw with your music when you get a phone call or notification? Load up a few songs from YouTube Music, Pandora, etc by selecting your 500 song playlist and have a few of them load off as needed. I’m sure there’s a licensing issue somewhere but it seems like a few songs you’re entitled to play from a streaming service being played with a time difference of less than 10 minutes or so of licensing wouldn’t be a huge issue.

Streaming service backup – inspired by Disney+ being abysmal in my area right now and causing severe audio issues (no idea, the audio popping that sounds like my subwoofer’s broken is a Disney+ exclusive when the service is providing less than optimal picture) – like would you like a $3 discount on your bill while you’re watching Service X? Well if you’ve got unlimited bandwidth Service X will use you to serve some of the content. Decentralizing distribution means when South Nashville is a 720P max Disney+ zone maybe we could reach somewhat suitable service with peer to peer technology.

An app that when the accelerometer indicates your phone was dropped puts fake cracks all over the screen.

Ability to recognize certain faces that can unlock your phone with a secondary password but not do things like authenticate for Venmo, Cash app, etc. Think kid or spouse, impose limits on what those people can do/access. This across devices. I get hit by a car and wife needs to access my contact list? Done. I’m in the hospital and she wants to take care of my Tamagotchi game? Done. Wants to sell all of my shares in Moderna? Not happening. Send money to current contacts but not new one? Bam.

Vinyl player that uses your camera to read the grooves / load the record in.

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