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Is “OK Google” triggering more for you lately?

For the past few years living with the Goog, I’ve had Assistant wake up a few times for things that sounded vaguely like “OK Google,” but for the past two or three weeks I’ve been the recipient of multiple wakeups from various sources, none of which sounded vaguely like “OK Google” to me.

Today a man on a podcast that was playing through my car on three second delay (if anyone knows how to fix that on a 2014 Honda Odyssey let me know, it was a known issue and I can’t find a resolution) triggered my phone’s assistant while talking about a farm animal subsidy bill. Last night while I was saying goodnight to my 6yo her Google Home Mini triggered on, I’m assuming “little one.”

Today while in line for a COVID test (don’t worry,) triggered the phone while listening to radio.

What’s interesting here is when Aerin’s Mini triggered I managed to follow up and it didn’t know who I was, or at least it didn’t let me execute a me-only Assistant routine. I didn’t have the thought at the time to ask “who am I” to the Goog as I was putting the tiny one to bed.

Not world-ending obviously, but it’s triggering more than expected and making me worry a bit as assistant has more of a reach than I’m comfortable with into my devices for a service that’s auto-activating.

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