I’ve realized there’s more wrong with the S21 Android 12 update than I first thought

While the stability of the Android 12 thing seems to have improved with the second update, I’ve started noticing that a lot of the problems I am having now are centered around Bluetooth connectivity being hit or miss.

I’m doing reviews on a couple of completely unrelated devices that are now exhibiting the same symptoms – not being found by my S21 Ultra 5G. The solution for both is the same, toggle airplane mode, surprise, annnnnd they’re back.

I thought at first it might be a BT radio going bad on my system, so I connected a device for music and just played while trying to connect other things (camera controller, earbuds that my other phone can see, etc) – nope.

I brought in some new devices, bam they showed up on Bluetooth device list no problem. Just some devices disappear and reappear with no rhyme or reason. I spent quite a bit of time documenting the flaws in a product I was reviewing yesterday before scrapping said review because I could only reproduce it on the S21. Fun times.

I get notifications on one of the products that there’s an error and that I’m only connected to one earbud. This notification only is on the S21, not anything else, although admittedly those are Android 11 devices.

My tracker doesn’t seem to be tracking, although I have not actively tried to debug this.

I’ve read there’s a third fix rolling out, but it’s one of those “this is happening, you’ll get it when you get it” things.

In the meantime, I’m on my old Note 8 for testing purposes.

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