Moon us!

Hey gang, I’ve been asked for photos of the moon by various phones. Wondering if you’ve got a chance if you’d be so kind as to moon us. Yeah, not that way.

If you’d like to participate, please comment below with a photo of the moon taken on your phone, what the phone is, what the lighting conditions were. The only thing I think you’ll get out of this is to see how your phone stacks up against others, but yeah. Moon us. (This is not for commercial use, although I guess if it drove traffic here this would be technically for commercial use.)

Mine (all on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, steadied by a table or hand but nothing special):

S21 Ultra 5G, taken during the day 4:40PM CST Dec 16 – skies around the moon were blue.
Take about 2 minutes before the above S21 Ultra 5G, taken during the day 4:38PM CST Dec 16 – skies around the moon were blue. Phone held steady on table

Shooting conditions:

It was a bit brighter than that
8am on a beach in Destin, Fl
Little dot up top is the moon
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