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Oculus Quest 2’s final 2021 update rolls out some phone-specific features

Whether you’re Android or iOS you’re getting some features with the v35 update, but if you’re on Android you’re not going to be seeing the mixed reality camera with this release.

The camera allows you to take an iPhone XS or above and record yourself in the game, assuming you’ve got a place to stick the iPhone that can see you. This is different than the live overlay they rolled out earlier in the year.

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Considering the Oculus Quest 2 is built on Android, this does seem a bit of a slap in the face to the platform that you’re running on, but yeah. Hopefully soon the Android side won’t be so hosed. There’s more than enough horsepower in most modern Android phones to handle this without much ado.

Some voice messaging happening so you can experience the horror of voice to text gone wrong.

Horizon Workroom updates, cloud backups for your saved games, and a bunch of other new goodies.

Now if they’d just get it a bit more stable – still have never had a new product with as many bugs as I’ve found in the Quest 2.

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