A discharged portable charger is useless

I’ve been in a running conversation with the kiddos on the importance of keeping things charged. They tend to accept that electric power will always be around and have no concept that a dead phone or iPad could be dead permanently during an emergency.

My 6yo has a phone from her granddad… it’s an S7 with a bad battery, she uses a “supportable charger” to power it as it had a 20 minute battery life but it’s the right size for her. Yesterday I found 4 dead portable chargers (these were drained over the course of a couple of weeks, not a one day occurrence) and was like “dude, put these on the charger.”

About two and a half hours later a car took out power to our neighborhood.

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This made me realize that most of the people I know who mention their chargers mention they’re dead, or missing.

At least here it’s the dead of winter, 20f/-6.6c outside – power went out at 6ish and was on and off until 2am. It would come on and then someone would set their stove clock and it would go right back off.

But we had entertainment, emergency hand-warming, and light due to the chargers being charged.

I mean, I’ve also got a generator but that’s for times when I really need power / want to attempt to lug a 300 pound weight through a swamp.

So anyway, charge those things. Keep them charged. I have no idea how to convey how little in terms of electrical expense you’re incurring keeping them topped off but if we hit 20 cents a year I’d be surprised.

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