CES closing a day early now

CES is closing now on January 7th, 2022 at 6PM as an additional safety measure to attempt to mitigate the COVID-palooza that is to come. This after several companies have dropped out of in person CES (I didn’t update after day two, but there are many additional.)

This means the vast majority of people who were showing up to attend and have already made flight arrangements will have a whole day to wait around in Las Vegas around a slew of people of unknown vaccination status. Previously most of the attendees were going to be in a vaccine bubble, but now as an additional safety protocol they’re being unleashed on a town.

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I mean, there’s really nothing they can do to change the COVID stats, but dang, creating a situation in which people are pretty much stuck (there’s not going to be any way all of the attendees can get back out a day early,) meh, seems like someone would have spotted that this was going to happen.

I do wonder what’s the deal with the people who had to pay to attend – wondering if CES is issuing partial refunds considering the refund date was December 14th from all the text I could find.

Anyhow, here’s hoping my math was off and this doesn’t end up killing 10 or so attendees. I’d like to be wrong.

Source: they emailed me.

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