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How to format that WiFi QR code in plain text

Something I ran into yesterday is I’ve got a QR code generating label printer and needed the text to put into it for a WiFi quick connect QR code. Well, there’re a ton of places that will generate a quick connect WiFi code for you, and you can easily get a QR code these days straight from your Android phone, but I needed the actual string because trying to get a JPEG on this thermal handheld label printer is a pain. Here’s how to generate a qr code in plain text.

TL;DR (months later,) – the text is: WIFI colon S colon SSIDNAME semicolon T colon WPA semicolon P colon PASSWORD semicolon semicolon. Also updated link to vCard below.

Side note – every QR code generating website that keeps contacting me: this is how to do without your service for purposes of creating something manually in like, a label maker. I am not linking to you. I know you want SEO juju from this article, but when I link to places that auto generate it, this defeats the purpose.

I’m playing with a Niimbot D11 at the moment in case you’re wondering, I don’t see an option to scan a code and generate one. I may be missing something.

The actual text is as follows:

2022 01 05 17.11.25 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Should be noted you don’t appear to need the H:, and the greater and less than symbols are there to show you need to put something there.

An example I have is if you have an SSID named “pocketables” and a password of “let there be cake” the following works as text for a QR generator:

WIFI:S:pocketables;T:WPA;P:let there be cake;;

The unused H and operand there appears to deal with hidden networks, which I guess have to be force joined. You need the trailing double semicolons. Without two trailing semicolons the password does not pass and it asks for a password to join. You might want that, probably not.

There’s no requirement to escape the spaces, although I do wonder how one would deal if you’ve got a semicolon in the password.

Now I’ve got to figure out how one does contact cards and quick dialing… down the rabbit hole we go. UPDATE August 18, 2022here’s how you format that vCard in plain text!

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