I have too many things to charge

You might have noticed it’s been a bit slow here at Pocketables. Combo of my house being destroyed all day (kitchen remodel,) and a pretty slow news week going on to week number two.

I’ve realized that the charging situation here has become ridiculous. Between me, wife, and kids every outlet, plug, etc is in use (partially because we’re also down two rooms at the house at the moment and had to move several things into two fewer rooms.) We’ve got smart watches, phones, kid’s ipads, tablet e-readers, and a series of things that made attempts at being the total charging solution but in the end just turned into a spaghetti fiasco.

There’s a charger for the iPad 2, there’s a charger for the iPad 4, there’s Micro USB for two of the Amazon tablets, USB-C for some of the newer devices, my kiddo has a water bottle with a 4-pronged magnetic clamp I’ve never seen, my Fitbit has a charger, my Withings has a charger, wife’s Garmin has a chip clip charger, I’ve got a power bank that’s missing a charger and I have no idea what to do about that. I’ve got 4-pronged Micro USBs for a couple of the windows devices, two laptop chargers.

I tried to get the kids off of wires and there are a couple of wireless chargers for them but yeah, that’s more mess.

It is a hot mess of charging cables and the fact that I have yet to have a MicroUSB cable port completely go out still amazes me.

All the Nest gear takes up a plug for a charger essentially. I have so many things taking 120v AC power and converting it into standard USB it’s absurd. It’s time for room based wireless power to get here and get adopted. In the meantime, since I don’t think that’s going to happen I think I may just have to invest in some adapters to go from USB C to Lighting, Micro USB, 30-pin, etc just so I can buy cables that are roughly the same length and look.

I’d tried some of those magnetic clamp cables/adapters back in the past and I am pretty sure my vacuum ate most of the adapters at one point or another.


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Paul E King

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