Roborock unveiling some goodies at CES today

I don’t generally do hype for companies on unreviewed products, but after reviewing a lot of robot vacuum cleaners and pretty much deciding Rhonda, our beloved Roborock S7 is about the best for my needs, figured I’d keep up with what’s new in their world.

Today at CES Roborock was slated to release details on their new S7 MaxV Ultra. I’m not entirely sure if they have yet, but the embargo lifted at 8:30am ET so we’re good to go. Hopefully everything went off without a hitch at CES.

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I’ve been waiting to pounce

S7 MaxV Ultra

What the S7 MaxV Ultra does differently from the S7 appears to be, at first glance mostly in the docking functions.

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Water is injected, waste is emptied, and the mop is washed between uses. Basically the S7+Dock and then you don’t have to clean the mop or refill for longer periods of time.

Under the hood it’s got a new obstacle avoidance system which uses a camera, 3D structured light, a neural processing unit, and a certification for cybersecurity standards.

You can see a very CGI demo of the S& MaxV Ultra here

The S7 MaxV Ultra will still have the vibrating lift/lower mop pad that means you’re not dragging a dirty mop pad over carpet, and you don’t have to constantly put in and remove a mop attachment.

Basically they’ve turned the robot vacuum process into something you have to pay attention to only once every few weeks, or when / if it gets trapped.

The suction power has been upped to 5100pa according to the specs, which is beyond anything I’ve played with so far. That level of suction would be the max setting, so you’d probably only see that on areas you defined, or if it’s getting ticked at trying to pick up some dirt.

The S7 MaxV Ultra will be coming out sometime in the second quarter. In the meantime get pricing and expected availability on the Roborock website. Really check that out, you can see how the mop is cleaned and the waste water removed.

What’s really interesting about this unit is not listed in the press release, but listed in the video above is video calling. The ability to scream at your kids to knock off destroying stuff while you’re in a hammock is shown about 1:30 into the above YouTube video. This means you’re probably able to power it up and take a stroll around your house if you’re paranoid that someone’s there while you’re at work.

Also means you need to be paranoid enough to have a real password for your Roborock account as a unit with a camera and audio capabilities being compromised could be… compromising.

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“We know you’re not a bad dog and undeserving of love.” Counseling sessions with the vacuum are not listed as a feature yet, but one can hope.

The Q series

Not a lot of information out on this except it’s their new mid-range line that starts with auto-empty technology.

The Roborock Dyad

It’s a wetmop/vacuum combo. Not quite in my wheelhouse as I don’t know whether this has been done before (I went down a very long rabbit hole for my still unreleased H7 review). Looks sort of like a carpet cleaner… you know what, I’m just going to cut and paste the PR I got and you decide if it’s interesting.

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Cut and paste PR on the Roborock Dyad:

Las Vegas, Jan. 4, 2022: Roborock, creator of ultra-intelligent home robotics made to simplify life, today unveiled the all-new Dyad, its first wet and dry vacuum cleaner designed to make floor cleaning easier and more effective. The new all-in-one solution vacuums, washes, and dries floors to get rid of dirt and messes from edge-to-edge.  

“We set out to tackle some unresolved pain points in the wet-dry vacuum space like poor edge cleaning, weak pick-up and maneuverability issues, and we achieved that and more with Roborock Dyad,” said Richard Chang, CEO of Roborock. “Featuring our proprietary technology, DyadPower, Dyad is the only dual roller motor, multi-roller wet and dry vacuum that cleans edge-to-edge to eliminate messes in one sweep. This multi-use product has the capability to remove everything from dirty water to encrusted dirt seamlessly in a single cleaning session.”

Adaptive and Effective Cleaning with DyadPower

  • DyadPower Vigorously Cleans With Every Stroke: Two motors work separately to power three rollers, one in the front and two in the rear, enabling the cleaning system to rotate in opposite directions. This combination, unique to the market, allows Dyad to efficiently lift both wet and dry messes in one sweep. 
  • Spotless Cleaning Along the Edges: Edge-to-edge cleaning is no longer a problem. Featuring two rear rollers spanning the width of the head, Dyad cleans thoroughly along edges and flush with the wall to get hard-to-reach dust and debris.
  • Adaptive Cleaning Intelligence: Dyad detects tough stains and automatically increases water flow and suction power for better cleaning results. 

Not Just for Cleaning Dust

  • Switch to Drying Mode: Dyad suctions wet messes into its 620 ml dirty water tank while simultaneously releasing fresh water onto the floor and working its rollers to actively remove dirt. Its multi-use functions make it easy to clean up spilled coffee or lift milk and cereal at the same time. 
  • Make Floors Tea Tree-Scented: Created by Unilever under its OMO brand, this unique cleaning solution formulated exclusively for Roborock helps to remove stains from hard floors and ceramic tiles, while leaving floors with an extra touch of freshness.

Effortless to Clean, Maintain and More

  • Self-Cleans With The Push of a Button: The rollers clean themselves automatically for an added level of convenience, so no dirty hands in the process.
  • Clean Effortlessly: Thanks to its multi-roller system that rotates in opposite directions, Dyad glides smoothly across the floor. Its agile cleaning head twists 180 degrees to navigate easily around furniture.
  • Power to Clean Large Spaces: A 5000 mAh high-capacity battery can run nonstop for up to 35 minutes while cleaning up to 3056 sqft (284 sqm).

Intelligent and Convenient: At a glance, its LED screen indicates cleaning mode, battery life and even notifies customers to floor areas with a build up of dirt. To add even more convenience, a voice alert system announces when it’s time to refill the water tank or charge the battery.

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