Does it make Sense?

While I am selling my Sense (Fitbit,) I am keeping the Sense Home Energy Monitor. Some of this has to do with I don’t sell PR product for attempts at journalistic integrity, but mostly I’m actually fond of what I’ve managed to get out of the Sense Home Energy Monitor.

I’m also still disappointed in year 3 and still a lack of training options. It’s their Machine Learning or Kasa/smart/clamp integration. I’ve gone the latter route for my needs and gotten a lot of my e-junk on some Kasa smart strips, and my central blower and whole home humidity thingie are now on the Sense Flex Monitor Clamps.

For me the base unit was good, I’ve mentioned a few times it caught that the water heater was never shutting off. Probably saved the cost of a Sense monitor right there. Over the past few years as long as it’s detected a major electronic I’ve been able to monitor things, discovered a fridge was running way too much (seal kit,) that a dehumidifier was kicking on and doing nothing but wasting electric (with the help of a humidistat,) and generally been able to answer the question “did we leave the stove on” without much ado.

I’m still at the point of really disliking that it doesn’t reliably get curling irons and the like. My wife has attempted to burn the house down with a ceramic curling iron more than once, and I’ve not seen it register as anything other than “Other” – and that’s not so hot. Or is.

If you’re into IFTTT the scripting options are great – tell me when I’m not in the house and the stove is on is a good one. If you’re not, you’re not.

I have a few more thoughts but without power again as they’re wiring a microwave downstairs and evidently don’t feel like having a case of the tingles… *sigh*

It’s on sale… feel free to ask any questions, while I do get a commission on any sales via Amazon I’m not particularly feeling like leading people astray for 3.5-6% commission.

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