Is this a multi billion dollar COVID tech scam?

I get press releases for things you wouldn’t believe generally, but I just got one that I can’t believe. I’m throwing it to you guys to take a look at. This one came a day ago and I’ve been down the rabbit hole.

Press release here – I’d advice reading it before proceeding.

TL;DR version of the device involves a device called an EDE COVID scanner being deployed in Zanzibar. Reports to use AI analyzing differences in (projected, I’m assuming,) electromagnetic waves in RNA particulate matter to get an instant high 80s yes or no on COVID infection possibilities.

Think walking through a metal detector or a camera pointing at you and knowing if you’ve got COVID-19, easily detectable, easily deployable, very expensive price tag listed.

The Zanzibar deployment will be part of a billion dollar lab and research project. Who is paying that billion dollars? Probably Zanzibar.

All of that threw up red flags for me. Attempts to find details on this lead to Abu Dhabi in June of 2021 when it was supposedly deployed there.

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UAE had enough to test

So with names in play like International Holdings Group, Sanimed, and ResearchInsitutes.orga website registered in Shanghai November 2020, I had my concerns. I reached out to the PR people who said they’re just PR and to contact the website ops for actual data.

Had they said visible spectral analysis, I’d have been a little less skeptical. Breathing onto anything, check. But once we got into electromagnetic fields coming off of the RNA on or around your face (from the only things I can find,)I’m of the opinion (opinions mind you,) we don’t really identify RNA by magnetic signature without internal magnetic beads and a DZ sensor. So blood contact.

Once past that and seeing “billion invested,” presumably by the government of Zanzibar, I had to place my tea gently down on the cozy before doing a spit take.

Plenty of short reports about this when it was being deployed or planned to be deployed in Abu Dhabi last year, then nothing for 8 months until it’s showing up in Zanzibar as a billion dollar investment that includes a lab.

I check the Research Institutes website. The zone record, for when researchinstitues.org was created, November 13, 2020 9:45:07Z through Serverplan.com.

The copyright date on the website: 2018

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Star Wars Thermal Detonator?
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From their page
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I knew I’d seen this particular image before

So with no real papers on effectiveness that I could locate I contacted my biomedical engineering and viral experts who looked and said “looks like a scam.” No WHO links, no third party verification of devices and accuracy of data, no links to any third party labs, no studies.

Oh yeah, their website is built on WordPress, coded in Italian primarily with Arabic, English, Chinese as switched-to languages.

In the pandemic I’ve seen plates you can blow on that detect COVID-19 proteins in seconds and then burn them off. I’ve seen a straw and bubblegum that change color. I’ve seen a fairly low quality spit spectral analyzer. A camera that can detect low SPo2 at a distance. Trained dogs who can find COVID positive people in a crowd in seconds. All of these, with small price tags, had some trail you could follow.

Anyway, if you’ve got any info that makes this not look scamtastic, let me know. Would be nice if the tech existed, but needs to be followed pretty closely if world governments are funneling billions into junk tech.

Alternately, could just be a random plant to see how many people bite.

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