Through your furniture charging coming shortly

In 2018 at CES I saw a pretty neat charger that worked through any non-metal surface up to about an inch. It was revolutionary and cool and might have worked out but it didn’t work with any existing charging standard and you had to have a special case to convert it to power for your phone.

TL;DR – not a review, something I found neat in 2018 is finally out (or may have been out and I missed it.)

Choetech, who we’ve reviewed some of their products in the past, is releasing a similar concept that while not invisible from the top of a desk, does cut down on over-desk wires.

I should have a problem with it not being invisible in the slightest and it being called that, but I’ve been sick a couple of days and can’t muster annoyance at a very visible charger that is low profile.

Choetech invisible wireless charger

It appears the tech is the same, but with a fairly flat charging pad that sits up top instead of a phone case. Some sort of wireless induction from under the desk to the coil on top which appears to then QI charge the device behind it.

Wattage appears to be maxed out at 10 watts at this point, and it appears to be using the latest in tape level technology to adhere the thing up top (bottom you can tape or screw,) but if you’re looking for something neat for a coffee table this is it.

Personally I’d have gone for a neodymium magnet to position the upper plate, at least in my fantasy world. Might not be doable at that thin of a plate. I abhor stick-on things.

Device works to 30MM / little over an inch. Not something I’ve laid hands on but is something I’ve wanted since 2018. Initial cost of the Choetech ones is in the $80 range

The question becomes whether it’s worth it to you as I generally put up with about 2 inches of cables at the extreme end of my desk for a QI charger and don’t have the hates. I would, however, love one of these on my Iron Man coffee table right on the Unibeam, or perhaps one of the hip transistors which powered his suit until the writers learned in the late 80’s that transistors don’t power things.

True story - this table was painted by a friend of mine who's been on multiple "got talent" shows worldwide with her rat circus and two trained cats.
radio1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Hopefully his relays contained enough oil to magnetize and charge the transistors

Available for pre-order now, shipping sometime in March.

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