Walked in my house today to the smell of burning tech

I walked into my house today and smelled fire. Burning electronic to narrow it down. I’ve got a kitchen remodel going on and there have been several mods to the electrical panel by licensed electricians within the past two days to bring it up to current codes (the kitchen was 1980’s codes compliant.)

I also threw a whole home humidifier into the mix yesterday, so I’ve been keeping a nose out for the smell of broken or burning.

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Visually fine, scratch monitor to smell

That’s what I got when I came back into the house today. That and my sound bar playing the Puppy Bowl while the TV was off, don’t quite get how that was happening but let’s talk about wandering into a tech mystery.

There was enough smell that I was able to walk right over to the charging area and nasal-locate a charger was 1) making noise, 2) stank, 3) hot to the touch. It also helped that my youngest had mentioned that this charger had been plugged in but was not working (she uses my dad’s old S7 with a weak battery to watch YT kids.)

I took the charger outside, had the kids smell it so they can report that to me if they ever smell the smell again, and left it. It was heating up when I left it outside but had cooled down. Have it in front of a camera and will probably crack it open and see what happened to it.

I’d say the safety measures on the thing worked – it got hot, not terribly so, it smells like death which is better than being a flaming ball of fire. After reviewing 60+ portable chargers, all of which talk about the huge number of safety measures built in I finally got to witness one.

Oh it broke, yes. It marched toward an event that could have been bad. Yup. It didn’t make it.

Every product out there will have ones that break. This one did. I’m impressed that it didn’t get worse.

Can’t tell you the heart sinking to the pit of my stomach when I walked in and was hit with that smell. My fire extinguishers are behind construction materials. My smoke detectors had to be moved due to particulate dust.

Very scary event for me.

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