What’s the best …X… in 2022? [need input]

This started as my attempts to find something to read audiobooks through Google assistant on whatever device I was using at the moment and ended going down a rabbit hole of SEOd “The Top X whatevers in [Year]” and yeah.

I’m going to share a couple of things I think are the best, but I’m really more interested in why I’m wrong and what the product you’re going to suggest does better. I’d also love it if you could introduce me to something new. I really am interested in being introduced to something new because I feel as a 48yo IT guy I’m sort of trapped in a neverending circle of choosing the same things I like again and again and again.

So, my personal list goes as follows

Paul’s favorite apps/services

Maps: Google Maps
Measuring: Moasure
Pro photos: Expert RAW (only works for S22 ultra, not officially supported in US)
Photo management: Google Photos
Photo backup: Amazon Photos
Android customization: Tasker
Assistant customization: IFTTT
Bubble level: literally any of them
Assistant: Google
News aggregator: Fark
Book reader: Google Books
Comic reader: Perfect Viewer

Paul’s favorite products

Electrical energy usage: Sense Home Energy Monitor (although I did really like Eyedro for simplicity)
Over the ear headphones (general use): Jabra Evolve2 85
Over the ear headphones (mowing): Sadly not manufactured any more
Earbuds: Earin M-2
I’m not touching you: Aftershokz (I’ve played with better sounding these days but man that thing fits)
Fitness watch: Withings
Physical assistant (display/camera): Lenovo
Physical assistant (display/cameraless): Google Nest
Physical assistant (no display/no camera): Insignia
Security cameras (outdoor power wired but wireless): Google’s pre-nest one
Security cameras (outdoor wired POE): Amcrest
Security cameras (outdoor wireless battery/solar): Eufy Security (although the app is crap again after being cool for a week)
WiFi router: Currently a toss up between the unsupported Portal WiFi and the ASUS RT-AX3000 (I mean the RT-AX3000 is the winner in terms of everything but I still love the Portal)

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