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A couple of newish things to check out on Nest/Assistant for your kiddos (or you)

If your child is always asking Google for how many days until a certain date, and that date happens to be their birthday, Google/Assistant/Nest/Home can tell anyone it recognizes the voice of how many days until their birthday. Today I got an email about this shortly after my kids were asking how many days until their birthdays so yeah, timely and creepy Goog.

Google will have to recognize the person for “how many days until my birthday,” but if you don’t feel comfortable with Google voice recognition of your kiddo you can add them as a contact with their birthday and then say things like “how many days until Maggie’s birthday?”

You can also add any contacts and their associated birthdays to be reminded in the future that there’re bdays coming up, but I haven’t played with that. You can read about that here.

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Also there’s Weather Frog on smart displays. I recommend it.

To get Weather Frog, on your phone open Google Home, find your display (works on Nest Hub and Lenovo Smart Display that I’ve tried, so probably every smart display,) choose settings, photo frame, experimental, you should see Google Weather Frog.

Throughout the day enjoy the random adventures of a frog just living his best life in the same weather you are.

[Source was an email that lead me here]
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