That Samsung throttling thing: slow news week

Tech blogs flipped out on Samsung last week over a game optimizing service that throttled game performance to keep temperatures and battery usage down on flagship phones. Flipped mind you.

Should you be flipping out about Samsung throttling some games? Nope.

Samsung slowed down performance in some 10,000+ games with no evident way to turn throttling off because if ever there’s a smart and evil plan it’s to sell you a brand new high end phone and make it not perform to the maximum FPS in the game you bought it for.

The reasoning behind people flipping out so much appears to have been that benchmark programs were not also throttled because, why would they be? They’re not a game. No non-games were throttled unless I’m missing something.

I mean flip out if you want. The game optimizing service used to be a little bit more configurable, and according to Samsung there’s a patch incoming that restores that functionality.

Netflix and a few other apps were mentioned initially during the initial freakout about throttling because if ever there was an app that needed to not be throttled it’s Netflix, which topped out at 8% CPU usage on my Note 8. Samsung says they weren’t throttled. I do not doubt this claim. Streaming is not processor intensive these days.

Patch will be out, sun will rise in the morning, and as long as there’s nothing new developed these blogs with 15 writers and one story worth of content a day will start manufacturing more and more buzz about conspiracies to defraud you by making your battery last longer… somehow.

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