After rather substantial electrical work, my Sense Home Energy Monitor is… weird (a tale of construction)

For about two months my kitchen was torn apart and remodeled. During that time I decided to learn some basics of video editing, as well as monitor air quality, become an expert on asbestos, and gain 7 pounds because I didn’t really like leaving the house with a lot of people in it (contractors trusted, subcontractor suspicions.)

TL;DR – tales from the Sense world that evidently I love enough to keep picking on them, not a complaint, just an observation.

One of the unexpected perks of ripping the kitchen and parts of the dining room apart were discovering my 1980’s wiring was backed by 1940’s wiring and getting to sort out that whole mess.

With about 200 feet of modern electrical wiring added to bring the kitchen up to codes, and an additional 80 foot run and some breaker changes to add a whole home humidifier into the mix (unrelated, youngest has skin condition aggravated by low humidity, had to be done,) I started noticing Sense giving me some guff.

The fridge and mini fridge came up as newly detected devices, a new microwave was detected, then detected again, then detected again, now it’s confused and thinks the microwave is the garbage disposal. The coffee maker no longer detects and has shown as something else. It’s an interesting mess.

Not something I’m complaining about mind you. The electrical fingerprints of my house obviously have changed. I should probably reset the device and move on, but seeing if I can keep this last set going. I had to reset my beloved Roborock S7‘s maps because the floor plan had changed enough that it couldn’t figure out where it was. I think the Sense Home Energy Monitor is basically there on the cusp of “what the hell did I drink last night,” and “hang back buddy, we got this.”

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With plastic literally glued to the walls, ceiling and floor to prevent dust and no obvious method of it getting out, the house was coated.

I’m still compiling data, learning video editing tricks, and at month 3 trying to locate some screws so I can hang my shelves back up. Also fighting with Sense to recognize some devices I really really need it to without a Kasa or other smart plug attached. I don’t want to run a sump pump off of a Kasa, and I need to know when that sump pump kicks on. Training guys… let me have my training….

Should you want to see my first attempts at video editing and shooting a large project, don’t laugh. This is 45 days or so of starting from not knowing anything to knowing slightly more.

Started using the Sense dedicated circuit monitoring for the humidifier and finding that worked significantly better than my attempts at monitoring a previously. Really not sure what’s up with that. Possibly related to being on wiring made this century.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Sense sorts itself out or if I have to reset everything… I think the Sense is the non-phone device I’ve written about the most since I got it… sort of has become a part of my life and I’m considering purchasing another as I’ve got to track down some energy issues at a rental I manage.

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