If you pay for Google One storage, get a Titan Security Key as part of your perks

While you might not feel the need for a physical second-factor authentication key in your security preparations, you might want to consider getting this for that relative who you regularly get Facebook messages from saying “is this you in that video LOL!?!”

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One placed in the cart price should drop to zero

A Titan Security Key is basically a key in USB format and offers a physical component to some multi-factor authentication requirements. This means when your aunt’s one password is compromised, unless the key is present there’s probably not going to be a lot done with it.

Google One benefits

Now, there are worlds more you can do with these than that simple scenario. But yeah, it’s a key that can’t be easily copied. They’re priced at $30-35 depending on which one you get (you want the less expensive USB-A one most likely).

If you lose your key, there’re hoops you have to jump through to unenroll it, but it’s still doable. These help prevent rapid takeover of all your accounts and provide a pretty decent way to prove to Google, your bank, etc, that you’re actually you.

They also evidently have NFC so you can trigger actions and authenticate through phones it looks like.

It’s a perk to Google One storage subscribers. Head over to the benefits page and claim it before November 1st.

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