It’s Spring, clean your filthy phones people

That unused app? Get rid of it. Is getting rid of it going to make your phone faster and better? No. You know what will though is not having to scroll through 20 or so apps you think you might want to play with again in the future.

Did you know that every three unused apps on your phone equates to roughly 1 minutes and 17 seconds of time lost monthly scrolling through your launcher looking for the app you actually wanted?

Do yourself a favor. Delete the apps. Delete the magic tuner that supposedly makes your phone fast by optimizing cache. You’re never going to play Angry Birds again, admit it to yourself and move on. Did you really need five different widgets to look at your battery? Probably not.

Do you really need all those Smart Life ripoff apps for every single different manufacturer’s bulb you have? Probably not, investigate migrating to one platform. It’s free, just have to re-pair the devices in a different app usually.

Unload your phone! The less mental processing you have to do to just find what you’re looking for will save both human and phone battery. It’s something you can do for free, it doesn’t take much time, and you become much less of a digital hoarder.

Also if you’re not using folders in your launcher to group things into categories, I wholeheartedly encourage you to start doing so.

Oh yeah, also wipe your phone down occasionally, there’s a lot of bacteria on them and we don’t want what happened to Golgafrincham happening here. I tested several phone wipes, cleaners, IR baths and such and can say just wipe it down with generic multipurpose cleaner or alcohol occasionally you’ll probably be fine.

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