YouTube is Super, Thanks for asking.

Look, up in the sky… it’s a way for YouTube content creators to make a little more money without shoving advertising down your throat. Super Thanks is the new feature that allows you to donate some money for videos and content you love.

Basically as opposed to directing people to click somewhere and donate it’s just there and Google will handle it.

I absolutely despise the Super Thanks name, which means you can probably place a bet on that it will be the only name not rebranded for the rest of YouTube’s life.

Super Thanks comes with Super Chat, and Super Stickers, so… super!

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Hopefully people will start encouraging YouTube content creators this way so they quit having to ask for support and force videos to be an arbitrary length just to be eligible for reasonable monetization opportunities.

Probably a good thing, bad name. Yes, the title is a reference to Big Gay Al.

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