Choetech Invisible Wireless Charger review

The Choetech Invisible Wireless Charger invites false advertising lawsuits galore, but is a neat little product. I’ll start by saying in no way is it invisible. It’s a low profile Qi charger that uses a specialized plate on top of a desk to deliver power provided by a large wired base that’s mounted under the table.

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Basically if you don’t want wires on the top of your desk or table, you can put a disk that looks almost exactly like a CD/DVD somewhere up top and that’s your charging plate. You can cover this very visible CD with an included sticker, which is so not cool looking it hurts.


  • Small form factor charging, size of a CD
  • No wires on top of desk/table
  • Unit will not move


  • Not invisible
  • Cannot be moved easily
  • Power cable not long enough
  • Does not use a USB power cable
  • Sticks via 3M tape

The Choetech Invisible Wireless Charger claims to be able to go through 30mm (1.18 inches,) and I tested it to about 3/4ths of an inch through Quartzite countertops with no issues. The charging plate delivers up to 10 watts of power and lists as fast wireless charging on my Samsung S21 Ultra.

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This is what the sticker that goes over the CD looks like

So I got this in and my first thought was “I’ve got an Iron Man table, let’s put this in the Unibeam”. Unfortunately the CD sized topper just covers up everything. This would not be a huge issue if they included some blank covers for their Invisible charger, as I’d just grab some paint. The lack of a blank sticker, or color options, does kind of grate on me.

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Doesn’t everyone have a table painted by a somewhat famous rat circus owner?

Metal tables are listed as out. My guess is if you had a high enough grade nonmagnetic table you might be able to squeak by, but the power appears to be transmitted from the base to the CD plate via magnetism.

In use

I did not use this particularly long. It charges, doesn’t heat up, appears to do what it claims. I seriously wanted something that had no visibility up top after seeing a demo of truly wireless charging back in 2015 (which involved getting a specialized case that basically contained a mini version of the CD topper here.) Dedicating a CD-sized section of my desk or table is not what I’d hope for here considering I can get a wireless Qi puck that’s half the visible desk space.

It charges, I had no issues with placement of either the phone or the top CD cover. The unit comes with a finder that allows you to figure out exactly where to place the top. Easy install.

It’s neat, not invisible in the slightest. If you have a use case for a CD-sized charging pad, this is it. I have no real opinions on this other than it’s a different way to charge, the stickers it comes with to cover the top part don’t look particularly cool, and I wish they had color options.

For an actually invisible desktop version, it appears this has been accomplished by another company, although only up to 0.59 inches. Can’t really tell if that one works or not, but this is the style I’d personally want.

You can grab a Choetech Invisible Wireless Charger on Choetech’s site. Personally, I would advise waiting until the price goes down, they have sticker options, etc.

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