Excitrus 15W 3-Device Magnetic charging stand review

If you’ve got Magsafe, or a third party magnetic case, and have been looking for a wireless charger that will securely lock your device in place while charging, Excitrus may have your answer.

Excitrus 15W 3-Device Magnetic charging stand

The Excitrus 15W Magnetic Charging Stand does exactly what it claims, so there’s not a lot to either nitpick or point out. A strong-enough magnetic dock keeps your phone on the charger, it’s not so strong that picking it up causes the charger to come with your phone. There’s a tray that allows you to charge your earbuds and the like, and a USB port on the back for any other device charging.

While the device is aimed at the iPhone crowd, it works with anything I had to throw at it. My Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with the Moment M-Force case, a couple of Earin earbuds in their charging cases, and anything I wanted to plug into the USB A port on the back worked.

Charging seemed to stick on Fast Charging while I was watching and switched to regular near the end of the charge cycle. I can’t tell whether this was due to thermal throttling or it just nearing full. I don’t particularly care with these whether they get it done fast as if I need fast I go cable, and if I need convenient I go wireless (bedside, flop it on the charger, go to sleep).

Excitrus 15W 3-Device Magnetic charging stand

While the Fast Charge is 15 watt max, the total capacity is somewhere around 18 watts. This is generally enough for most, but be aware charging a device at fast charge and trying pass through to another wired device wanting fast charge, you’re not going to get it. 18 Watts is the max. Really not an issue, just something to point out.

Excitrus 15W 3-Device Magnetic charging stand

While it does what it says, of course I have something I’d like to see in it. Specifically I’d like the lower charging pad to be slightly larger so a phone could charge on it. As it stands if you don’t have Magsafe or a magnetic third party case you don’t charge a phone on anything that’s included with this charger.

Sure it’d be a split 18 watts if two things were charging, but whatever. That’s on my features wishlist, as well as the ability to turn off the LED docking display. I’ll point out the display is not annoying when you’re charging a phone, but it’s bright when you’re not.

The unit comes with a small black 18 watt wall brick charger, a USB-C cable, the stand and a manual.

Good if you’ve got chargers scattered all over the place, a little bit pricy if you’re not charging multiple things. Does what it says, looks nice doing it.

You can grab an Excitrus 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging stand at the Excitrus Store, or pick one up on Amazon.

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