I wrote a series of bad reviews about the MyFirst Insta Wi image quality. Was I wrong?

The MyFirst Insta Wi came into my hands last year as a pre-review for Christmas. The image quality I was seeing was so poor as to question what was going on, I was assured it was a production camera, a mistake, and a replacement was sent. The replacement camera indeed did appear slightly different, but the issues were the same – exceedingly low quality on a camera that was stressing quality and 12-16mp in their posted advertising.

myFirst Insta Wi

You can read the final review here.

At the end of this, I really made no friends with the company published documents addressing and dismissing my concerns for their Kickstarter audience. Even the replacement camera, which did seem different in quality, had the same fundamental issues (bad photos, huge bad photos). Now, they also sent another kiddy camera which worked fine as a maybe 3mp kiddy camera, but not as a 16mp anything.

Anyway, six months on I’m wondering is anyone satisfied with the Insta Wi’s image quality? I stress that I’m just interested in the image quality, because the other stuff is pretty fun and it is a kid’s toy, but I’m using a cheapo trail camera with a lower resolution on a test, plastic lens, bargain budget image everything, and it’s absolutely blowing away what I was getting on the Insta Wis

Got a good Insta Wi pic? Post it.. I’d really appreciate it. Had the same experience I’ve had with being told it’s high quality and getting dim bleh photos? Lemme know.

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