Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite week 56 review

It’s been a little over a year now since I picked up the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite at Costco. All the previous reviews stand, and for my uses this has been pretty good, however recently I repurposed this slightly and this has lead to some issues.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

So, as a reader / social media thing – excellent. You’re probably not going to be disappointed. Not a great gaming tablet but not abysmal. You’re reading this in a Costco right now aren’t you? Buy it, you don’t like it return it. It’s really quite ok.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite gives me the first issues at a year in

tl;dr – surmountable quirky issue, probably not reproducible.

Where it’s started to have some issues is multiple users. I believe all the issues I’ve had the past two weeks have been related to adding profiles for my two kiddos. I added one for my oldest, the thing seemed to slow down to a crawl for a while (guessing creating and updating stuff for her profile.)

I attempted multiple times to add a third profile for my youngest. I kept getting errors from the Goog saying try again later. OK, I tried again later and I got my first total crash of the OS ever – that’s one crash in 56 or so weeks. System rebooted, when it was coming back up it re-optimized all the apps (this was not from an update, this was weird) and when I finally got in things were more normal seeming.

The profiles for me and my oldest were fine, the profile for the youngest was absurdly slow. OK, not terrible. I checked again a while later and it seemed to be running fine.

I picked up the tablet the next day and it was dead. Claimed the battery was drained. My guess is whatever was going on the child profile was running full steam until the S6 Tab died. Plugged it into a charger, got the charging indicator, went off to work, came back and it was still dead.

Verified on the phone the charger was working. Tried getting into recovery mode but there was no ability. The screen would light up with the charging animation but I couldn’t get it to do anything other than to start a different screen, screen off, the charging screen again.

Moved to a different charger, even though this one had worked many many times before, and this fixed it. No idea.

System booted up, all profiles fine, and no weird slowdowns any more.

Checked for system updates, there had been none in the past couple of weeks and no reason I could see for this. There have been no issues for days now.

Would Paul buy it again?

Probably. Now that my oldest is doing drawing and playing on it some I kind of feel it’s underpowered slightly, although as I am writing this I seem to recall I put it into power saving mode because you don’t need processor muscle to read a book.

I have no regrets having purchased it. It has done what I wanted. The entire issue above has been the only issue I can recall on it in a year and my solid bet is that if you only add one profile at a time you would not have had what happened to me happen.

You can grab them on Amazon, however I suggest getting a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite at Costco because they’re a lot less expensive and Costco, you don’t like it, you just bring it back.

Also, just FYI – I make money if you purchased it through Amazon and I’m telling you don’t purchase it through Amazon. Go to Costco. You have any questions before purchasing one of these just drop a comment and I’ll see it within a few hours and respond.

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