Got a DMCA notice for a review using a screenshot of an app

Back in 2015 I wrote about a really, really badly done app app at the time called The Wonder Weeks over on theITbaby. Really have no idea what it’s like now, except that the author of it sent a DMCA takedown request to Cloudflare who forwarded it to the hosting provider seven years after the review went live.

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I’m not entirely sure what they’re claiming infringed as the 2015 article’s picture links are all screwed up. The only thing I can tell from looking at individual images (they’re not loading, but they are on the site, no idea) is that their logo appears in the screenshot I took of what it was sharing to Facebook (a signup page) and I commented on their claim of winning an award, and linked to the award they didn’t win.

Pretty sure everything falls under fair use.

What would you do? I just slapped the DMCA notice at the top of the review and am awaiting to see what my hosting providers are considering as this affects Pocketables as well (same account)

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