Having solved all other problems, Senators move for national charging standard

Over the past 12 years of devices I’ve amassed a large variety of charging cables. I’ve got USB-C, Lightning, 30-pin, MicroUSB, MiniUSB, several different round ones with varying amps and voltages, at least 5 types of watch and earbud charging cables (usually magnetic,) and a few modified extended MicroUSB that are specific to cheap flying toys.

I have a 5 gallon box filled with those, along with adapters of all sorts. At one point I counted seven devices charging with six different cables just for my kiddos.

Seems the US is interested in establishing a national charging standard, which initially might seem like a jab right at Apple because it’s always about them, but there’re a wide variety of devices unrelated to Apple v Android that use something other than USB-C to charge the devices.

It’s not 50% lightning cables v 50% Android USB-C, it’s 20% Lightning v 22% USB-C for Android v 19% USB-C for Devices v 22% Micro-USB for devices v 6% proprietary v math.

Not a phone battle when it comes down to it, it’s a device battle and hopefully USB-C will come out on top without a bunch of Apple v Android fans fighting it out over charging superiority.

[Android Police]
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