T-Mobile for you, and you, no not you

I mentioned before I’ve not felt like I was a T-Mobile customer. Sprint was purchased by T-Mobile a while back and every single T-Mobile feature like Netflix on Us, flight WiFi, etc have not come through.

TL;DR – want to be done with Sprint? Go to a store. That’s the only way.

This became an issue recently on a couple of Delta flights… My Sprint phone that boots and says T-Mobile of course didn’t work with the advertised T-Mobile WiFi on flight , there’s some sort of Hulu plan we have, but basically any promotional T-Mobile offer probably doesn’t work.

Inflight WiFi would have been cool… oh well.

I was told by the Twitter team to contact help. This started at 9:34am and as of writing we’re at 10:38am and no closer to resolution.

I’ve been offered a more expensive Sprint plan that doesn’t include most of the T-Mobile offerings, been told because I’m a Sprint customer that I’m ineligible for any of the advertised T-Mobile promotions and can’t switch plans. I’ve asked what the hell it takes to not be a Sprint customer any more and have been told they’re having to talk with someone else about this.

At this point it’s looking like I am going to have to open up new service with T-Mobile, have the lines ported to the new service, discontinue the Sprint lines just to get a plan change.

What really worries me here is we’re a couple of years into T-Mobile/Sprint and there’s no easy pathway for the Sprint customers… or at least the rep I’m still talking with at over an hour now has no idea.

At 10:44 I am sent this:

image 24 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Long story short, no store lists as “Dual Stack” that I check. I check many. I call my local one that did the SIM swap. They have no idea what “dual stack” means, nor any idea how one moves from Sprint to T-Mobile.

Rep comes back into chat and mentions that all stores are dual stack now so there’s not going to be any indication that “dual stack” exists. It’s 11:03am now.

At 11:11am I am informed that the store I just called who said they couldn’t do it, the rep called up and confirmed they can do it.

It took from 9:34 to 11:11am to get “go into a T-Mobile corporate store, they’re the only ones who can do this.” I’ve been offered multiple somewhat comparable Sprint plans that were more expensive. Literally millions of Sprint customers for the past two years probably had the same issue and it took over an hour and a half to get an answer.

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