Utter garbage cables are utter garbage

One of the things I have had a really good run with are charging cables. For all the devices I have charging cables have generally not been a huge issue, until they were.

Should note pictured cable are not the cables that are mentioned below.

We went to Oregon to see the kiddo’s grandparents and ran across a cacophony of charging cable fails. The first was a MicroUSB that the destination side seemed just a little too long, would only charge if held properly, and this was for a 6yo trying to watch YouTube Kids on a S7 with a bad battery so that was not happening.

The second was a bad USB-C cable. Nothing about it looked particularly bad but it was charging at a rate slower than a phone that was turned on could positively charge at. Guessing an internal break as there was nothing else evident.

Along the way I borrowed a couple of cables from the in-laws. The first was a very thin USB-C that worked, but I kept getting notifications to check the charger cable when I’d plug it in. I noticed I had one good cable that would say “super fast charging” that I had brought. This worked great until the cable moved.

I’d see 37 minutes till full and an hour later I’d be back and it would be 28 minutes till full.

I broke down and bought a couple of $1.25 cables at the Dollar Tree, or equiv. This fixed the MicroUSB destination plug issue, and I could fast charge, although not super fast charge, with the USB-C. That’s ok, anything positive was ok.

Coming back from the trip I was informed by the 6yo that her brand new MicroUSB cable was not charging. I checked and the USB-A side was not working with the charger we brought but did work with another.

Every day was a charging experience.

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