Got a sec? Little help requested

Hey all, since switching ad networks we noticed a 90% increase in speed, a 25% increase in revenue, and unless I’m seeing things incorrectly a 400% increase in both site problems and advertising.

We’re having some seriously strange things that the ad network support can’t reproduce. I’m seeing cached content that nobody else is even on browsers that never touched Pocketables and have been hard cache emptied and reloaded.

If you could help me out and let me know if you’re seeing anything odd, and go to this article and tell me how many advertisements you see, I would appreciate it. Old ad network would have shown 6 as a maximum I believe.

So far since the switch we also saw a huge drop in traffic for no evident reason.

Post what you find as a comment if you can, don’t DM me, don’t @ me. You should see a Disqus box below. If you don’t see that, there’ll be a weird comment box with no authentication – comment in there and mention it’s a weird comment box.

I *highly* suspect this is some sort of caching issue all around. I’m seeing it mainly because I’m looking for it and actively trying to not have Pocketables has 25 advertisements on one page. Also most people don’t pay a bit of attention within 4 hours of me posting a link so that they’re not seeing it but it posted… well, they don’t know…

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