I got stuck on an IPV6 only network, here’s what I found

It’s 101F/38.3C here in Nashville. I don’t care what the official high is (99 I believe,) that’s what it is where I’m at. T-Mobile’s been a pretty sad 5G carrier in this heat… while download speeds are pretty decent for a couple of years ago in LTE world, upload speeds are at about 0.30mbit.

TL;DR – got stuck on a misconfigured network, did not know it was 10 years since World IPv6 launch day.

I think the speed problem is the heat. I didn’t have this problem a couple of weeks ago. Whatever.

I find myself as a fluffy individual at a 9yo’s birthday party in a gymnasium/warehouse that’s a mere 84f degrees surrounded by people I don’t feel like talking to because I’m hot and snippy – I know my limits, lemme sit in my corner. I’m just hot and want to hit a few sites while my kiddos attend a bday party screaming at the top of human hearing.

There’s no internet to speak of. I mean, I get decent incoming, but ping times out are well over a second. Pages fail to load, all sorts of high ping issues. I find and join the network at the gym and immediately am getting decent speed. Except speedtest.net fails when I decide to check just to make sure I’m not going to be a bandwidth hog.

But there’re weird things… I’ll skip the entire process of how I got to going to whatismyip.com to find out I had no IPv4 address, but that’s what the issues were. I had an IPv6 address, and a lot of sites just worked (including Pocketables, which I have put zero effort into making IPv6 compliant,) but a lot of services and sites did not.

Nest app fails on IPv6 only

Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

I wanted to remote in and turn my thermostat down to freezing… I’d let the house heat up a bit while we were out but as I expected to be back in an hour it was time to resume the fight. I could not do this on the Wi-Fi.

I disconnected from the WiFi, Nest took a *long* time to load but eventually did, turned on the unit and re-joined the network.

Private Internet Access & Google ONE’s VPN fail

I attempt to get around the IPv6 issue by connecting to my VPNs I have handy at the moment, which neither can connect. I turn off the Wi-Fi, verify I can connect (horribly, making the connection much much worse due to 1+ second ping times,) and that they cannot connect or continue a connection when it’s IPv6 only… oh well.

I’d hoped there would be some sort of IPv4 routing over the VPNs that would help out in this situation. Sad trombone.

Last Shelter: Survival fails

Literally the only reason I mention this game is because for the past several years it’s said on the splash screen “This product supports IPv6 networks” – well, it doesn’t appear to support IPv6 exclusive, the content failed to load at about 16% every time.

Last Shelter: Survival

Down at the bottom "this product supports IPV6 networks" - evidently not exclusively
Last Shelter: Survival
Down at the bottom “this product supports IPV6 networks” – evidently not exclusively

I turned off the Wi-Fi and verified that it could load, although on the T-Mobile connection it took forever (btw, I’m not shaming T-Mobile here, I think it’s the absurd heat as this has been the only week it’s been noticeably abysmal.)

So I Googled about IPv6 VPNs

You want IPv6? Read about it via IPv4

I was presented with an ad for “restoreprivacy.com” about IPv6 VPNs and guess what happened when I tapped it? Page could not be displayed. I laughed.

Amazon Photos likes nothing

If you wanna store my photos, you gotta be IP4, storing jpeg data, 6 will never goooo…

Can’t Tweet this

Twitter app refused to connect, transmit, etc.


Bunches of websites would pull some content but not all. I was really surprised how ingrained with IPv4 everything was.

Fark worked fine, but the links were about 50/50.

I got various security errors on sites that the sites were not fully secure.

Really seems like by now IPv6 would work in most places as opposed to slightly less than half. It really surprises me that Google’s Nest ecosphere (at least the app,) isn’t completely IPv6 compliant. I need to investigate Google Services more but that’s kind of odd.

Then again, this was an odd situation.

I guess prime time isn’t ready for IPv6 even though we’ve been moving toward it for … oh wow, it’s been a decade now. June 6, 2012

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