Moment Stick-on Adapter adds MagSafe features to most devices

Got a case you absolutely love but would love to have the advantages of MagSafe / magnetic docking? It’s really useful, trust me… once you get a wireless charger that just pops on and doesn’t let go you’ll understand. Or if you want to carry a small ID/card case, you’ll start finding the use cases for this.

TL;DR – 3M adhering magnetic disc adds magnetic features to most phones. Works, commentary.

I personally use Moment’s magnetic mounts on a tripod to hold my S21 in their MForce case and let me tell you being able to pop a phone on and off a tripod mount in under 5 seconds is useful. Most of the unboxing videos I shoot are phone in a MagSafe-like case on a Moment tripod mount.

The moment stick-on adapter for magsafe on an iPhone of some sort and a picture of what's in the box that I forgot to get before I installed the thing.

But what if you love your case, or there are just no reasonably priced options? Moment has you covered with a MagSafe/Magnetic stick on adapter.

Lemme preface this with the hate – I absolutely despise 3M sticker mounted solutions. I hate the idea of gluing my phone to anything. But you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to keep your case and for my Note 8, I want to keep that case.

I will not call this a thorough review as I do not review times and how long anything with adhesive will last. It will stick for you or it will not. If it’s absurdly hot, it will melt. If you didn’t clean your phone properly it might peel off in a week. Who knows? Generally properly applied lasts for freaking ever, but your experience will vary.

In the case of my old Note 8 (still in heavy use,) and my beloved case, had to be done. I put the Moment Stick-on Adapter on the back of my Note 8 and verified that it worked. It did. Hurray! First shot, not a problem. Went by the included paper guide and no issues. Phone on wireless charger with magnetic dock, bam, all good.

Moment Stick-on Adapter documentation (which includes a hole in the center and measuring guide. It's so simple a sleep deprived adult can do it

And then I discovered my case was not going to fit over the Moment Stick-on Adapter. Boo. I tried all sorts of squishing, but nope. The magnets from inside the case were a bit too weak to reach through the thick case. Also so I would not have trusted it to clamp on. Thick case is thick.

Moment Stick-on Adapter on the Galaxy Note 8. Unfortunately none of this fits under the Under Armor Gear.

It was decided to peel the thing off and slap in on the back of the case. I like doing this even less than I like gluing things because my case has texture (see above, left.) There’s a lot of space on the back of the Urban Armor Gear that is not in contact with the Moment Stick-on adapter, and that’s a bit worrisome for me.

I peeled the unit off the back of my Galaxy Note 8, caused some damage to the Moment Stick-on Adapter that I was able to correct by just pushing the magnets back into place, and proceeded to adhere it a second time to the back of my UAG case.

Moment Stick-on Adapter yanked off of the Note 8 popped some magnets out.
Peeling, revealing magnets.
Moment Stick-on Adapter now placed on the case
Moment Stick-on Adapter is now on the case

The Moment Stick-on Adapter sticks as well as adhesive can, the magnetic docking appears sufficient for all needs. I will not trust it on the back of my UAG case to preserve the life of the phone in a tripod mount situation, however this case is not a good use case for it. I would absolutely trust it in the original configuration I had it on the back of the Note 8. That was a solid solid grip.

I will update with how this performs on the UAG case, however this is a low use phone I’m using it on at the moment and I do not believe this will provide a particularly real-world review. That glue may never come off, but it’s also getting a fifteenth of the use a normal phone would.

The Moment Stick-on Adapter is available from Amazon and ShopMoment

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Moment Stick-on Adapter for MagSafe
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The Moment Stick-on Adapter for MagSafe is a 3M adhered disc with strong magnets at the perimeter that provide an after-market Magnetic conversion for most phones.

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