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How to reconnect Google Home Services

One year ago I wrote an article on how to reconnect Google Home services when they disconnect. Guess what happened to several services one year to the date after I wrote that? Yup, I lost two of my services, which took down several lights and a couple of misc thermostat devices. Oddly my Nest equipment was being weird today as well but cleared up.

TL;DR – there’re pictures below of how to reconnect Google Home Services. I fully expect later in 2022 this will not be the correct way to do it as Google changes things as fast as I put content up.

For this we’re calling it Google Home Services, but it’s services listed under “Works with Google,” sometimes called “works with assistant,” and work with Nest. Pick what you want to call it.

Mid 2022 there still seems to be no notification that your services have been disconnected other than when attempting to use them you get “sorry, something went wrong” or “I couldn’t reach <device name>.” Never is there a useful error message like “hey, this service is saying you need to re-authorize Google Home to access it. Would you like me to send the link to your phone to do this?”

How to easily tell if you need to reconnect Google Home Services

If you’re near an audio capable Nest/Home/Hub device, say “ok Google, synchronize devices” and if anything fails, you know you’ve got a rogue service that is not working.

How to reconnect Google Home services (July 2022)

So, the quick rundown of how to relink/reconnect Google Home services in July of 2022:

Open the Google Home App, press the plus in the top left corner to add a device, choose set up device, choose works with Google, you’ll see a list of services you already should have connected but you know one’s malfunctioning. Tap the malfunctioning one and choose Reconnect Account. Enter your username and password for that account, should relink with no issues.

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