Waiting on a text for the bucket of internet

One of the weirder status updates I’ve ever sent involves me sitting at home waiting on the ISP for the hill internet project to get back to me about whether they’re going to dispatch because their cable fell out of the box, or if I have to drive 28.6 miles to handle it. The box requires a socket set to get into it, I don’t carry one.

They recently replaced the mouse-eaten fiber optic cable, but evidently didn’t zip tie it to a pole so it yanked out of the box the instant either a deer or a person bumped into it. As it’s not in a walking path, and it’s on a hill a quarter mile from anyone, deer is suspect. So is wind. Literally anything that could bump into a fiber optic cable that was evidently not run along the ground or zip tied to the pole.

Once that cable is plugged back in, data once again resumes to the adtran that’s sitting in a repurposed ice chest and the cameras go live again, as opposed to just recording locally to SD cards.

What’s really amazed me is that this all worked. Until the mice ate the fiber optic cable. Then one of the people who opened the taped closed ice chest left the wads of tape on the side of it which funneled in water.

This level of rigging should not have held, but it did… except when literally anyone but me touches it. Who leaves a wad of tape that keeps the lid open enough to funnel in water?

They showed, fixed it, and left once again without the need for me there. Replaced the lugnut with a zip tie as we don’t think deer are going to bother either.

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