GameSir X2 Pro controller review: Dominate the game.

The GameSir X2 Pro is the recently updated Microsoft licensed USB-C only version of the GameSir X2 we reviewed a while back with a whole bunch of upgrades added to it and a free month of XBOX Game Pass thrown in to boot.

TL;DR – I like it. Am writing this review embargoed from 10 days ago. Will update if anything changes but I suspect it will not.

Differences between the GameSir X2 and GameSir X2 Pro

  • 2 additional mappable buttons
  • Magnetic detachable ABXY buttons
  • Remappable buttons
  • Two sets of replacement joystick caps (concave and convex)
  • Analog triggers
  • USB-C connectivity (no charging, no Bluetooth lag)
  • Microsoft certification
  • One month free XBOX Game Pass code

What’s in the box?

GameSir X2 Pro in action

I’m putting this up against a pro Microsoft controller, my personal old man playing style, and while The X2 Pro doesn’t win, it’s not as immersive-breaking as other controllers are. No noticeable lag. No breakout moments. No feeling a hot phone on my fingers.

  • The analog triggers are on point. No complaints although longer would be better
  • The joysticks I’m fine with although I’d like slightly larger points and a better push down feeling
  • The bumpers not my thing they don’t sit right for me. Too clicky
  • The ABXY button placement works
  • The remappable extra buttons no – if you’re going to include these put something for me to feel there. Smooth plastic on a smooth plastic back doesn’t pop when I’m playing
  • XBOX/Select/Start buttons I have no particular comment on
GameSir X2 Pro with a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G playing on an XBOX via remote play
GameSir X2 Pro with a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G playing on an XBOX via remote play

I popped my phone into the GameSir X2 Pro and proceeded to get into a fight with my XBOX over unrelated issues. After realizing that I had to power cycle my XBOX, kill the XBOX app on my phone, and give up all hope of anything working, it worked. Not the controller’s fault, but I went into testing in a pretty bad mood.

The controller surprised me. It’s not pro XBOX controller great, but it’s really really usable. I had no idea how much I was missing with the on/off triggers until I went and played a couple of games that used them. Ah yes, I can racing game again.

Room for improvement

You can’t put your phone with a case in, or at least I can’t with the S21 Ultra and a fairly slim Moment Case. The USB-C port exists in such a location that even though it does tilt, it doesn’t lift, meaning if I want to keep my case on because I’m flailing wildly with a video game, that isn’t happening. Deal breaker? Not really I will contain my enthusiasm.

The setup, while Microsoft, feels a lot more like Nintendo and I wish they’d given a different positioning option as a bonus. Unopened it’s just about XBOX controller width (I think a bit wider,) and there’s where my hands want to rest. The addition of a USB-C extender and a phone clip would enable this to exist as a controller behind your phone.

Don’t know what that would entail, but a couple of use options would be nice.

Complaints on the X2 Pro

Most of my complaints are comparative. The grip is subjective here, and I don’t particularly like it. As I do like this controller more than it sounds like I do upon reading my own writing, I’m probably going to see about getting some grip tape to haptic and fix it like I want it. I’m going to say 3 cents of the tape I want will turn my complaints on grip and haptics around, but that’s me fixing it.

The GameSir X2 Pro also failed to make me a significantly better gamer than I am. I completely blame it for my failures, and not that I was playing a game on too hard mode and not really paying attention. This line is a joke in case it didn’t come across as one.

I’m liking the X2 Pro, but the particular layout of the controller lends itself to different games than I’m playing at the moment… I think… maybe I just need to mentally remap.


As this is being written over a week in advance and going live at the end of the embargo, the links below may not work initially but you can go to the GameSir website and locate them if they don’t.

Links I have are

Amazon US: The GameSir X2 Pro (Midnight), and (Moonlight).
Amazon UK (Midnight and Moonlight)

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GameSir X2 Pro
GameSir X2 Pro - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

The GameSir X2 Pro is a USB-C Android only Microsoft certified game controller that comes with a month of XBOX Game Pass. It's a serious improvement over its predecessor and brings analog triggers, swappable joystick points, and a more pro control feel.

Product Brand: GameSir

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 79.99

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Analog triggers
  • Microsoft certification
  • Grip is good for a Switch
  • Fits most Android phones


  • Lack of haptic feel on programable buttons
  • Bumpers feel wrong
  • Grip isn't XBOX controller style
  • Case has to be removed
  • Android only
  • App for controller remap

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