My NVIDIA SHIELD lost communication with the remote

Yesterday will forever be known as Battery Day, in which 24 batteries were changed… which is a different story, but two of them were because my NVIDIA SHIELD’s remote was not lighting up. I put in a couple of fresh AAA batteries and it still didn’t light up. This was odd as it was only a year and a half old and this remote is not handled by the kids.

TL;DR – slightly more than turn it off and on again, but not much.

I remembered there had been a fairly recent update to the SHIELD, and went and located where it had gotten (behind things,) and powered it off and on again and no dice. Remote still didn’t work. No lights, no anything visible.

I popped open the Google Home app, which has a section for cast capable devices, and the SHIELD was sitting there as a workable device that I could remote control from the app. I powered it up that way, and was about to go into pairing on the unit, and the remote lit up and started working with no issues.

Highly suspect that last SHIELD update caused some minor befargment. My next step would have probably been plugging the gaming controller into the thing to see if it worked. Fixed itself when the SHIELD finally booted.

So yeah, powered it off, was unable to power it on with remotes but luckily the Google Home app was able to, and then it worked.

hello it have you tried - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
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