The Niimbot D11 label maker. 9 months in, love it.

Let’s talk about a tool makes my job easier – in this case the Niimbot D11 label maker. I’ve been using this rechargeable Bluetooth connected little thermal beast since December 18th according to my order history. As I’ve been sitting at work today printing up a whole bunch of labels for round two of the vacuum wars (starting tomorrow unless the new one doesn’t map out tonight,) thought I’d finally review this tiny tool.

TL;DR – it’s great, you don’t need to buy it (I mean who needs a label maker but me?) but this is a love letter to a tool that’s made my job a lot easier.

Labels I’ve made on the Niimbot D11

  • Signs that tell people what to do including to read the sign
  • Labels that I can affix to small people’s items that they tend to leave at school with my contact information
  • QR codes with Wi-Fi information printed and scannable for people visiting the building for the first time
  • Hidden transparent labels affixed to every door frame indicating what the suite number, wiring configuration, and key are needed
  • As a reviewer I’ve got stickers on anything loose that’s going into the big old “box of forget where that came from”
  • Labels for ethernet wiring (when you have an 8 foot switch rack with 240 ports it’s useful)
  • Wall port identification
  • QR codes for quick “how do I use this”
  • Fake QR codes with Wi-Fi SSIDs for photo opportunities
Niimbot D11 label maker printing up tiny little QR codes with Wi-Fi connection information
Valid QR, fake SSID however… but password of “secure one” amuses me greatly

In use

Over the past nine months I’ve had one misprint that I recall which was corrected on the second and probably my fault, and generally have not thought much about maintaining this little device because it’s kept a charge for probably 4+ months at a time.

Specs claim only 2 months of holding a charge. I remember charging it when I got it, and charging it back in April (it was dead.) It’s August 16th now. I’ve printed through a roll of thermal labels at this point.

The labels I’ve used have been universally easy to peel off and apply.

What might make you not want the Niimbot D11

Size mostly – the Niimbot d11 label size is tiny coming in at 0.47 x 1.6 inch on average. Exactly what I need for unobtrusive. A little tiny though and might have difficulty scanning QR codes.

Niimbot D11 thermal printer will not print color, nor carve out a cat head.
Niimbot D11 thermal printer will not print color, nor carve out a cat head.

Possibly price as you can get ones that look remarkably similar for $3-15 less. I don’t know who’s the originator of this beast (lot of things called the D11 that look the same now,) Niimbot might be a copy.

Software could use some improvement as for the QR codes you still need to know how the text of the code actually is (see link above about QR code for Wi-Fi.)

The Niimbot D11 app is solidly OK, but needs some improvements. Specifically to the QR code and search for Emoji sections, but for anything else it’s pretty good.

Overall I really like the Niimbot D11

I picked up some transparent labels for door frames, and 1280 spare labels as I was expecting a lot of misprints (*cough* Dymo *cough*) but so far other than one, it’s been pretty much smooth sailing. Much smoother than I expected.

It’s been one of the work tool upgrades that have made my work significantly easier from our old Dymo battery eater (which is great, but man that battery usage and misprint/jamming rate has been high.) Realized today as I was on label 20 or so that I really liked that tool and should tell you you’ll probably like it.

I mean, if you need a Bluetooth app connected label printer for anything.

You can grab a Niimbot D11 label maker from Amazon and earn us 3% commission, or get one directly from Niimbot.

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Niimbot D11 Label Maker
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The Niimbot D11 Label maker is a Bluetooth connected app controlled label maker that's light, has a long lasting battery, has a very low cost of operation, and is generally quite pocketable.

Product Brand: Niimbot

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 36.99

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Light
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Inexpensive consumables
  • High quality printing
  • No jams


  • App needs some enhancements
  • QR codes a little small
  • Will make you question reality

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