Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra day 3 – more impressive

The idea that a single robot vacuum/mop could handle the first floor of the office building I work at was something I’d imagined was out of the consumer realm. There are robot mop/vacuums that cost several thousand dollars, and there were consumer units that did pretty well, but nothing to handle it all. Well, until the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra… it seems.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is handling all of that first floor area
Some of the 3 floors – a little over 4500 sq feet on one is mapped at this point if I did the math right

At 4000 square feet and climbing of discovered area, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has me thinking it might be the one. The main issues we’ve run into in the past have been the robot trapping chairs, which this seems to avoid, a set distance from the base unit (such as the DreamBot has that’s limiting it,) and the inability to reliably map an area (looking at you Yeedi.)

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra mapping a whole lot of space

The MaxV is in a different class. It’s also in a different price range in the configuration we’ve got it in. Our configuration we’ve supposedly blown through the dirty water tank at this point on day 3. That would be 3 moppings of roughly 5 houses worth of flooring. I’m actually not sure if we’ve got a full dirty water tank or not until tomorrow, but it would seem like it’s possible. It’s refilled and cleaned the mop a lot… like a whole lot.

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Two days of mopping and whew… that’s nasty

To give an idea of the size

I’m not in the office today, so I can’t measure things using a giraffe. But the first white square down in the blue area is an elevator. The white rectangle below it is a full sized couch, and the red area in the top right is a kitchen and dining area with a table with 12 or so chairs.

Issues encountered day 3

I have discovered the limits and distance of the WiFi it’s connected to. Fortunately it does a good job of going out of WiFi range and then working its way back. The map it has produced and now knowing where it does has provided me with some interesting info and I will probably be moving one of our WiFi APs to a different location. Not for it, but just for better coverage. About everything in the long hallway and to the right is WiFi dead zone.

The S7 MaxV got trapped. I got a notice last night that it couldn’t figure its way out of a trap. I was able to jump in, remote control the unit, and push through an area that it was not quite seeing. It’s near a lot of planters in an area I’ve considered virtually walling off because it just doesn’t need cleaned often. But yeah, from 8 miles away I drove it out of the trap it had set for itself.

I discovered the map editing features tend to not work particularly well based on WiFi conditions. If our elevator is sitting on the second floor the WiFi signal at the base where it’s charging is meh. Not something I’d expected. Could be a little more graceful in the message rather than “updating failed” something like “updating failed, we’ll retry” but no biggie.

Looking at the image above, the right lower room seems to bleed into the hallway. I have attempted to split the hallway from the storage area. It does not let me. I’ve split and merged other areas with no problem. Somehow that one room hates me. This is slightly a problem (maybe) as when you define rooms the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra unit cleans room by room. I do not think it will clean that area in this situation as it requires traversing rooms. Maybe this will be fixed after it runs a few times and maps better. Odd that it’s in the WiFi dead zone now that I think about it.

While technically day 4, noticed that choosing to dock and wash the unit went, washed, then came off the charger went about a foot, wandered off, kept saying repositioning, finally figured out where it was, drove back to the dock it had just left, and docked. It did not empty the dust bin. Not sure what that was all about but there was that.

Upcoming tests

Obviously I’m running this thing pretty much nightly. It’s got roughly twice the cleaning area that I was able to throw at the DreameBot D10 already (just because there’s an area limitation) so I’m about to throw even more at it and see if I can find the upper limit of space. I’ll be throwing another 3,300 square feet at it of mostly moppable surface tomorrow (a studio, concrete/painted floors) and a fairly large office space (I think 580 sq feet).

I reached a time limitation however and am going to have to create some special schedules so there isn’t a hockey puck cleaning the office when people come in in the morning.

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Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra
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The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a self-mop cleaning, self-emptying, self-water refilling beast of a robot vacuum.

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