Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra end of week 3 / start of 4

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra entered week 4 yesterday, but I was a bit busy to do the wrapup. This particular week saw the testing facility floor the S7 is on home to a two day scene shoot with 40+ people, and a 50 or so person event, both of which vacuuming was completely handled as far as I know by the robot.

Quick recap: 5000 square foot office building, hundreds of people on that floor daily, nightly cleanings lasting from 8:30pm until 6:30am, this is not your normal use scenario.

TL;DR – generally good week for the Roborock S7 MaxV

I don’t think it was a particularly eventful week other than that, but the dirt level was higher than average.

The Roborock S7 MaxV brought that home to you, how sweet

This was “let’s mess with cords” week. Most notably because one of the tables with a cord hanging down was moved from a no-go zone out of the way for the shoot, and I got to watch as the Reactive AI 2.0 couldn’t identify a power cable hanging down, and did everything in its power to tangle itself in it, finally decided at some point several minutes into the fight that something was up with that area and avoiding it.

I got notice that the main brush was jammed and the unit was sitting in a walking path. I was able to tell it to go to the dock and it did. I found it chewing on an RCA audio pair cable. Someone had left it on the floor, it ate it, choked, and that was it for the night’s cleaning.

Trying to talk through the S7 MaxV, not so hot

I got notice that the wheels were suspended. I jumped in and discovered the unit was on a film shoot and texted the manager who had forgotten to tell me to not enable the thing. Well, it was enabled and I tried to get it to the dock but there were too many people around. I tried talking to one of them to ask for an escort about 10 feet to the charger, but the delay was too high. I beached the Roborock S7 MaxV underneath the front desk.

I’ll do some experiments with it, but it appeared from what I saw and experienced that even in a decent signal area the delay was pretty noticeable and the person had trouble hearing me. Then again, there were like 40 people in one room so who knows.

Fill ‘er up

I’d noticed that the chamber had more and more dirt in it daily. The vacuum bag was full at 2.5 weeks evidently. I got no notice of this or that there were any issues with the emptying. I will note that I am vacuuming about 5000 square feet of an office building nightly, this is probably the right amount. The only thing I wished was that I got a notification that it wasn’t emptying.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra chamber not emptying well, no notice to check
This was in the chamber today. No notification that it wasn’t emptying

I like the premium feel Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra bags…easy to change and the docking part doesn’t bend. Got that out with no issues.

Scraping the filter

Got a request to clean the filter of dirt. Looked and located this in the base unit and basically scrubbed off a layer of sludge. It was pretty epic. Every time I dump the mop water (which is daily at the moment with how much we’re running it,) I’m reminded of how filthy everything is.

Mop filter in the base is a little rough to clean, but I was also in a hurry today.

Software weirdness

Had some oddness with the firmware updating getting to 80% or so and just stopping. This lasted a couple of day and then just worked. Not sure what was up with that but it does remind me something I like in other robot vacuums is just the ability to auto update the firmware.

Witnessed logic fails

I happened to jump in right as the S7 was about to finish mopping the first floor kitchen… I was wondering what was going to be its next room as the mopping had ended, so I was watching to see what actually happened when there was nothing else to mop but a lot to vacuum… would it return to base and clean the mop, just carry on, what?

It was on the final 5 feet of the kitchen… I’m talking there were 5 feet of kitchen left to mop… maybe 20 seconds at the most.

I got the message it was returning to dock to wash the mop. What? It stopped with 5 feet, drove back, cleaned the mop for what seems like six minutes or so, drove back, mopped the remaining 5 feet, and then went on to vacuuming for the rest of the night. When it finally returned, it washed the mop again I believe. That part I’m not entirely sure about as I’d gone to sleep at that point and don’t know where my notifications had reached.

Week 3 takeaways on the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

  • Two way audio might not be great
  • No bag full notification?
  • Need a scrubby brush for the filter
  • Very nice replacement bag included
  • Reactive AI 2.0 needs some cord identification updates

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