The FedEx bowling saga (so far)

It’s a really simple thing. I have video of a FedEx delivery guy throwing a package containing about $930 in electronics onto my porch. It rolled a couple of times, hit the door, he then walks up the stairs and kicks it over to the side.

I want FedEx to not do this in the future. That’s all. Seems a reasonable request to me. I don’t want him dead, fired, fined, beaten.

TL;DR – what should be a simple request has turned into multiple channels of communication and time-wasting. Time-wasting seems to be the corporate solution these days to handle customer relations.

I’d also like them to not dig a rut in my yard dragging a 40 pound package, destroy a portion of my walkway stairs by parking a truck on them, and abandon a child’s bed in my front lawn in the rain because a driver couldn’t back into a driveway or figure out what the tow dolly visible on the delivery truck was for. That’s another story.

It’s 100f/38c degrees, out, I mean screw it, I understand his pain. I don’t want the guy beaten, he actually had to do significantly more work since he threw the package into the wrong area and then had to climb the stairs to kick it over to the side of the porch. A simple “my delivery dude, do not chuck packages,” would suffice. Especially when recipient has multiple cameras (due to being a reviewer, not a paranoid freak,) two of which caught it in high resolution.

I posted about this on Twitter.

And was contacted by the FedEx Twitter team shortly thereafter. I assume at this point they’ve looked at the video. I mean it’s Nest video. One quick and easy link. They probably get Nest and Ring video all day. I should not have assumed that. They’re blocked from viewing the video is all I could get from the rep. After a little back and forth about what my complaint it (don’t want blood, just want packages not thrown and kicked,) they ask me to email the video to them.

I download the video from the link I sent them for them, and email it. I include two easy to click links to get the video as well. They look and say yup, that’s not how it should be delivered and ask if I want to file a complaint, which I tell them I just want my packages to not be thrown, and evidently to get that message relayed I have to file a complaint. OK. Guess I’m complaining then.

I’m asked if the contents were damaged. I tell them probably not but testing those today. Whatever. I mention that I’ll test everything, really not trying to get anyone in trouble, but you can’t throw and kick electronics without a customer getting a bit annoyed. I leave it at I’m not out for blood, but seriously someone is getting paid $30 to deliver one box and I’d like it to not be kicked and bowled.

Yes, yes, I know the boxes probably go through significantly worse getting to me. I’ve heard tales. It doesn’t mean they have to on my front porch. Just because you had a rough experience doesn’t mean that everyone deserves to have one as well. Lie to me. Place my package gently on my porch and let me live with the fantasy that it was delivered on pillows.

I got a phone call today.

I mean why did we have to bring the phone into this situation? Everything I went through with the Twitter team, the social media presence, and describing in detail, providing video, etc. was not relayed.

Guy on the phone said it was barely a blurb indicating I was complaining about a delivery. No details other than a tracking code and my phone number and name and date.

I have to re-tell the tale to the local guy who seems to indicate that everything I told the social media team was pretty much useless. I gather at this point all I had to do was tell them I had a complaint, give no details, because they were going to forward no details other than my phone number, and speak to the local delivery manager.

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