Your “alternate” search engine probably is just Bing

Friend of mine sent me a thing “they’re deleting the internet!!!” and asked me if it’s true. It’s a short video I’m not linking here where a guy goes through and searches Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, seems like a couple of others. All returning the same truncated result. This is used as proof that they’re deleting the internet. They, being all of them. Putting on their political agenda. All of them.

As you might remember, we had and still have a serious problem with Bing. Due to this we’re not on Duck Duck Go, Yahoo, etc. You know why? Because they all get their data from… drumroll… Bing.

Go ahead… go to Bing, search Pocketables. Go to Duckduckgo, search Pocketables. Go to Yahoo, search Pocketables. Notice that all the results are basically the same and none of them bring up Pocketables.com? Seems odd that a 22 year old website is suddenly delisted from multiple search engines but you know, not Google, the one that people actually use?

That’s because there’s one search engine database all of these are using (Bing,) and that’s run by the worst search engine company on the planet. I’d suspect the last time Yahoo crawled a website for their search engine was… 2009 judging by the Wiki entry below.

Or you know, I’m wrong. Video was about January 6th information, but I was able to replicate the same “they’re censoring our ideas” search across several search engines with “toaster waffles” – same links, again, and again, and again. It’s all Bing’s garbage, all the time. Even knowing exactly what I wanted to search for I got caught in page after page of repeated information because… Bing is terrible.

So yeah, I don’t have documented proof taht database 1 = database 2 = database 3 here, but as all of the info appears on Bing as it appears on these others, and with Pocketables and theITbaby being delisted but skimmer sites with our content being listed, I’m pretty confident that it’s Bing.

I mean, some of these claim to use other sources. Looking at DuckDuckGo there are a smattering of other search results in a couple of the alternatives, but yeah, they appear to be mostly Bing search results. Wikipedia says they’re mainly Bing. Seems odd that if they use other search results than Bing they wouldn’t have Pocketables, doesn’t it?

Looking at another search engine I’m not naming it claims it gets its sources from Yahoo and Bing as the primary… from Wikipedia “On July 29, 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! announced a deal in which Bing would henceforth power Yahoo! Search.” – so yeah, you get your milk from the cow, and your milk from the person who handed it to you from the cow.

Found a list somewhere today of 26 search engines that use Bing (including Ask and Dogpile) and lost it… oh wait here it is (from 2021)

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