Entering year 2of Assistant telling me something went wrong

I’ve got a lot of IoT devices, smart plugs, and things that generally make my life easier. I’ve got routines that string together things such as turning off the TV, setting the air conditioner to a set temperature, turning a couple of lights off and turning a couple on. Nothing particularly complex.

TL;DR – just a short blog while I’m waiting to see what the hell broke on my car after it was repaired

One of these routines is called “Sandman” – it was called this not because Sandman is awesome, but because if I have a CPAP mask on “sandman” is something I can say without Google mishearing me. I can also say “smudge,” “”ricket,” “poop,” and a couple of others, but when you’ve got positive air pressure in your nose you choose your battles.

The Sandman routine turns the TV off – I’m subjected to something every night because wife needs it to fall asleep and Netflix and Plex still have no “play one and then turn off” option. It sets the temperature to sleeping normal. Kills a couple of lights if they’re on, starts playing white noise on a speaker, and generally does a series of routines that do not deviate and save me having to run around the house.

And every night I get “something went wrong, try again later” and every night every one of the actions completes.

I’ve tried each action individually, no problem. When combined in any order and at least three, always something went wrong.

Of course, there’s no way to figure out what might have happened to cause the message “something went wrong, try again later” because Google has no logging that’s visible… so it’s something…

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