Google bites Apple for iOS message scheduling lack

Google’s push to get Apple to adopt RCS with their #getthemessage Twitter campaign, so Android users don’t look like outcasts in group messages, entered a new front the last day or two as they started pushing that Apple’s new iOS still doesn’t have easy message scheduling.

While you might not use message scheduling, it’s sort of an integral part of my insomnia. The ability to find something at 2am, see that person A or B needs it in their life, schedule a text to hit them up at a reasonable time in the morning. It’s great for not waking your friends up with scheduled texts, and while Google’s messaging supports scheduled messages, it’s still very un-featured. Nothing to write home about.

How unfeatured? There’s no ability, rather than writing out every time that it’s a schedule message, to notify people that a text was scheduled and you’re potentially unaware of things that have happened in the past 5 hours. Make a joke about the reporting on the Queen’s health at 2am and wake up to find she’s been dead for three hours and your text was sent out an hour after her death. Mention you’re watching something and thought of someone and there’s no origin time. Not even a little watch or clock or something you can attach to show it was a scheduled text.

There’s also no ability to schedule a gate time for messages to a person or group – eg: I don’t want to send to Person X before 6AM but I might have a few messages to send now. Set a gate for 6am and then unleash hell. No ability to set yourself a “it’s 2am, do you really want to send this now?” cutoff. Etc. I mean even if you’re an employer this is basic stuff – don’t hit people up when they’re not working unless you want to pay them for working at 7:32pm on a Sunday night.

Google’s schedule messages is good and all, but it’s really lacking in what I’d say is the belt-lifting/pants-adjusting oomph to be able to pick on Apple on the scheduled messaging thing. The Green/Blue Bubble thing sure but yeah.

Make yours great before casting hate. And yes, we do know you’re behind the iOS message scheduling articles coming out. It’s not organic.

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