How to fix Visual Voicemail, Scam Shield, T-Mobile Tuesdays after an update

OK gang, so here’s what happened. After the latest push from T-Mobile that made me get a new T-Mobile as opposed to my old Sprint login account all my T-Mobile services stopped working. Well, the apps at least. It may have also been just coincidental as there were some updates as well pushed with system updates, but let’s just say in the past month Visual Voicemail, T-Mobile Scam Protection, and T-Mobile Tuesdays all stopped working.

T-Mobile Tuesdays was simple as it just lost my account and saved coupons and such. For that I just reentered my phone number, had to verify via text, and then everything worked again. Whoo hoo. Oddly they had the second coupon I’ve been interested in.

T-Mobile Scam Shield I got the following message from T-Mobile about, which is not the steps I went through but I’ll cut and paste it for what got me started down the path I went.

Hey Paul! I wanted to follow up with you and let you know I received some steps for the issue with Scam shield. I was told there is a known issue with the migration from Sprint to T-Mobile. I have some steps you can take. 

This is a complete step by step process, they must follow this in the exact order displayed and not skip steps

Go to Settings on your phone
Tap Google then Backup
Under Backup by Google One move the slider to the left to turn it off (you will turn it back on after)
When Turn off and delete backup shows up, tap Turn off & delete (your information such as photos won’t be deleted)
Go back to Settings
Tap on Apps
Search for Scam Shield
Tap on Storage
Tap Clear cache and Clear data
Go back to Settings and uninstall the Scam Shield app
Reinstall the Scam Shield app, you should see a screen that says “Let’s get you set up” then tap “Let’s go” and follow the setup prompts.
Check to see if your activity log is now updating, then go back to Settings to Turn on Backup by Google One so your information continues to backup ^MemeMatthews

With Scam Shield, instead of following the above advice, I just force closed the app, cleared data, relaunched and set it up again. It then appeared to start working. I mean, it is working, whether it blocks scams now or not I don’t know but activity is once again being recorded.

Visual Voicemail however was not just a force close, clear data, clear app. I did that and got the below image again and again.

2022 09 26 09.51.55 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

No matter what I did on Visual Voicemail I got “Activation error. Service currently unavailable. Please check your internet connection.” – I uninstalled it, installed it again from the Play Store, and this one looked different right off the bat. I’m not exactly sure what I saw but something about the splash screen was different and it went ahead and registered and worked fine.

2022 09 27 17.40.34 1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

What’s odd here is I was pretty sure I had uninstalled and reinstalled previously. Probably not, but clearing data and cache did nothing other than get me in the same loop.

What I suspect is that the Visual Voicemail and other apps were installed with no correct association with the Play Store, so they weren’t updating. But that’s just a suspicion. Something looked different but I didn’t record it.

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