I appear to be even less of a T-Mobile customer now

As a Sprint transfer, I often feel I am not a T-Mobile customer. This is mostly because I do not have time these days to go in and spend an hour+ in a T-Mobile store to make the change from my ancient Sprint plan to the Magenta plan which is what all the T-Mobile advertising is aimed at (WI-Fi on planes, Netflix on us, etc). Evidently has to be done in person because the T-Mobile SIMs they gave us somehow can’t work with the Magenta plan.

Last month to get my T-Mobile bill, which had been Sprint up until then, I had to create a T-Mobile account (no big,) then my wife had to because she became primary somehow on the account and I could not access anything, then with that resolved finally I managed to get my bill and as far as I know that was the last time any of my T-Mobile apps worked.

It started with me noticing that the Visual Voicemail was not working and being asked to do quite a bit of testing. It worked one more day after I did some testing and work with a T-Mobile rep and then nope.

I wrote up an article recently about turning off ringing for anyone I don’t know. I did this because Scam Shield was pretty crappy to begin with, but evidently Scam Shield isn’t even registering calls any more, which I found out yesterday. Last call registered was early August a little before I had to make a T-Mobile account. Enough before I start thinking something else is afoot.

Went into T-Mobile’s Tuesdays app just to see something. I used it a month or two ago and surprise surprise, I’m not registered with it any more.

I really feel like T-Mobile is trying to give me the boot.

Time to go in and waste an hour or two and lose phones for days on the next great T-Mobile from Sprint adventure. I hold zero confidence at this point I’m going to come through with the phone number that I’ve had for 22 years working on the other side. Smells too much like a Sprint store trap.

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