T-31 to Halloween, ghost of Adobe Flash haunts Google Fitbit

Adobe Flash, which was listed as End of Life in 2017 before finally being officially discontinued December 31, 2020, and was blocked from most modern browsers by February of 2021 is still alive and well on Google-owned Fitbit. (Log, Food, Food stats on the right.)

Get Adobe Flash takes you to Adobe's site that says "nope"
Ah yes, just spin up a virtual Windows 7 instance and use Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash to see food stats / calorie intake.

You may recall back in February 2022 I had an interaction with a Google/Fitbit support trying to get them to fix the Calorie intake display on the Fitbit site and was told to just get a device that could handle Flash, or download an alternative because this was my problem, not Google/Fitbit’s… yeah, fun times… basically what made me decide to dump them in favor of a Withings.

This was after Fitbit/Google’s watch was logging insane steps for no reason and they had me jump through a bunch of hoops that never corrected it (see a pattern with Google support that I’m running into?)

You know, in the Google sphere I feel they at least try with some of their companies… But Fitbit appears to exist solely to sell watches that don’t track particularly well, and premium services. It’s surprised me. I’ve been watching Fitbit since I started using it and discovered that 1) it was overcounting steps, 2) basing diet on its advice I gained a lot of weight, 3) everything about the watch was some series of steps I had to do to correct it, 4) it just was another tech support job.

Like seriously, update the dashboard. Fix the product. Just take the Food Stats graph out so the website doesn’t look like an abandoned Angelfire site from 1997. Some people might want to use it. It’s been 19 months since Chrome (Google) blocked Adobe Flash.

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