T-Mobile account conversion decided to go sideways

Yesterday I mentioned I had to do the second conversion from Sprint to T-Mobile account so that I could get a bill and get reimbursed by a company for my phone usage. This was after hitting a T-Mobile store last year to switch SIMs, thinking I was a T-Mobile client, and finding out I was still on a plan that doesn’t offer any of what they advertise but at the same cost.

TL;DR – just something to look out for if you have a reason to not allow someone on your plan to be a primary account holder.

Yesterday I kept getting that there was an error in retrieving the billing. I didn’t care, I get reimbursed by work today, I get reimbursed tomorrow, whatever as long as there’s a set of bill I could download and submit to accounting for this quarter. There was one bill and it just showed how much I owed and had no breakdown of either account.

Today I logged in and there were some previous bills showing, but no way to access them. This was odd. Stumbling around drinking my coffee I got to some place to see detailed billing and was informed I was not the primary account holder and had to request access. I did.

My wife got designated the primary. For us this isn’t a huge deal, but changing primary account holders on a conversion… man, that’s some rookie coding mistakes there.

I don’t know how much of the following is hyperbole or if it’s the truth, but I got a text back from her that she had to download two separate apps and deal with 9 authentication requests in order to make me able to see the bills that I’ve paid as the primary account holder since 2000.

After being able to access the account I was able to download the detailed billing.

Checking the account, I’ve got the Sprint Hulu credit still there, no Netflix on US, still on the non-Magenta plan but maybe at this point I can get them to convert the plan without the hour+ spent in a store.

Something I worry a bit about here, not for me mind you, but this is my credit card, contact info, etc on the account that she was suddenly authorized to spend on. I stress, I have no worries personally, but imagine the primary account holder became your teenage daughter and she realized that and got everyone she knew a phone… or something similar. Really, make up your own dysfunctional family scenario don’t take mine. Giving someone else access to control the family phones is not a good move.

So far this particular hiccup cost us about twelve minutes between us. World ending? No. Just wasted time.

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