Day 3 of T-Mobile switch, day 57 Google Fiber install, Day 309 Lumen fiasco

I deal with tech support pretty much non-stop. I’m continually surprised by businesses that are devoted to one thing that can’t seem to get that thing delivered. Here’s my concurrently running time-sapping / money-costing events.

I’m currently dealing with three things that should have been solved within a day or two, or at least by somewhat decent communication, but have not been. Actually you know what, I’m giving T-Mobile a pass on this for another couple of days, what Sprint did is on Sprint.

Because nothing ever goes smoothly, a team has been working on my case at T-Mobile now for three days. Every now and then something happens to my account and I’ll get a text or an email that there’s been an addition, subtraction (Pass HD video?,) but yeah. I’m still not a T-Mobile customer. Just a Sprint customer with a plan that my phone is stuck in. Next step is an escalation on Monday if it’s not fixed…. seems like at years into this merger, they’d have fixed us Sprinties… can they not turn my account off and on again?

Takes until Monday to escalate? Really? OK, not mad yet… I told the rep when we started I knew this was going to fail. Nothing Sprint touched survived unscathed.

Google Fiber

A while back we decided that even after the horrible Google 2021 fiasco, after about a year we were going to give Google Fiber a chance to be a backup for our rock-solid AT&T connection. The idea here is that two fiber connections from different companies were better than one.

And that today is day 57 of this year’s Google Fiber install missed due to the same problems we had a year ago, and once again no updates/etas, I will tell you that we’re once again not considering them for anything except as a backup fiber optic provider and it’s been questioned at this point since they can’t or won’t service the building if we’re going to to ask them to come and take their wall away.

Level 3 / Lumen

I’m not entirely sure where to put the Lumen fiasco, but I believe it ended finally at about 309 days.. will see if we get a final statement. They’re once again all missing in action with last contact with anyone who responded being September 1, 2022. Oh, I got an email from someone who just said I was getting a negative credit with a number that had not been mentioned, but yeah.

The only way I ever managed to get anywhere with them was to say I was interested in getting or increasing a service, which forced a sales rep to wade through support and force them to call me back before that person disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Between the fiber and the phone fiascos they’ve wasted nearly a year and a half of my company’s time because they just kept failing to communicate. Which considering they’re a communications company that’s just hilarious.

Voice of Morgan Freeman: “Paul’s hope that the Lumen fiasco was over, was proven wrong six hours after publishing. How about those battling racoons?”

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