Day 70 with the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra-145,000sqft cleaned

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has been at my work cleaning a floor of an office building between 4000 & 5000 square feet nightly (with a few nights off,) in a 9-12 hour dance for the past 70 or so days. It’s gotten a lot more use than your average puck vacuum is going to run into. Three full charges a night, 1500 square feet of mopping. Occasional discovery of open offices.

TL;DR – somewhere around a 150K square feet, 219 hours cleaned, 89 cycles, some notes on the performance.

Our building is what I consider tough, but easy mode. Tough in that it’s a huge area but easy in that there’s no dog poop, wiring sitting out in tripping locations, etc. You can read some of the previous findings here.

In 70 days I’ve gone through two mop pads. This has involved a film festival that was held here, and as such probably put the total surface mopping area to a little over 105,000 square feet during the past 70 days, plus an unexpected film production studio that was filthy, and accidentally wandering into a garage and cleaning the floor.

Now, these mop pads appear to be salvageable, but they’re discolored and have rubbed down. Maybe if I washed them more regularly they’d be in better shape, but at the moment the washing of these involves me taking them back home and that’s not something that I remember to do (taking dirty mops in my car home, fun times!)

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The only real updates so far have been continual problems with the maps after firmware updates and finding the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra’s boundaries. Every firmware update or two has required me to recreate and rediscover the map or I ended up with slightly rotated rooms and hallways that didn’t exist.

While my weird 14 foot off issue has stopped, there’s now a hard boundary right about where the S7 got to down a hallway. I’ve reached a point where it refuses to discover any more. It’s also decided with the current firmware to skip portions of cleaning which you can see in the mid left blue area and the bottom right yellow area.

May sound like I’m criticizing there, I’m not. a 2000+ square foot room is not something these are designed for. The old firmware however used to not have an issue. I can split the room and it will fix it, I know. The issues down at the bottom in yellow is that the robot will no longer go to the wall or discover anything south – seems to be a hard distance issue. If you’ve got an office building to clean, might be an issue… don’t think a normal person will be complaining.

Logic seems to have been updated and it is going around planters better now. Had a bunch of times it got caught on nothing because the old firmware… that seems to be resolved.

Hanging cables still can mess it up.

Overall though still amazing.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra consumables

For a 145K square feet, more or less, we’ve gone through one or two replacement dust bags. This is in an office building, you have a shed machine / dog or cat, you’ll go through more. What we have generally is just dust and dirt that a few hundred people a day bring in.

Third mop pad, coming in at about $4 a pad where I’m getting them (sorry Roborock, I’m third party on this one)

Should have gone through the side brush by now but it’s still fine on this unit so I’ve got a replacement set but not using it.

Air filter is remarkably clean, also have a replacement on it.

1/10th bottle OMO Roborock floor cleaner @ $18usd

Total currently spent in operation

I suspect I’ll need a main brush at some point. It’s in very good shape still, but it is smaller. Worn down a bit.

User involved maintenance

Due to the mass cleaning, I’m changing the water every two days. I don’t and it runs out of clean water and fills up on dirty. I would imagine this is about 3000 square feet of mopping before needing to intervene.

About once a week I have to clean the mud filter out. Have a couple hundred people a day drop in you might be dealing with this as well.

Cleaned the high speed brush twice. It seemed oddly clean both times.

Sensors have requested cleaning twice. Neither time were they dirty.

That’s about it for this fascinating update… it’s chugging on, firmware has gotten better, and yeah… greatest vacuum I’ve run across.

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