Gamevice Flex fixing problem that shouldn’t have existed

The Gamevice Flex answers a need I’ve personally discovered in other controllers. If there’s ever a time you want a case on your phone, it’s when you’re playing a fast paced action and adventure game on your phone, and unfortunately most controllers that attach to your phone stripped you of that to attach a controller set to your phone and turn it into a makeshift Nintendo Switch.

Gamevice Flex

While the controller vice grips were generally large enough to handle the length of any phone, the desire to save a penny or two, or just a design oversight, historically has meant that to use these types of controllers you have to ditch your case and play with the phone ready to drop and break the instant you pull it out after your gaming session.

Gamevice Flex controller in its Brownie Form

Probably sounding a bit dramatic there, but the only time I’ve dropped my un-cased phone has been after using a competitor’s product that does exactly the same. Dropped a case phone a few times, but yeah. Problem didn’t need to be in this style of clip on controller, and it was. For years. Now it’s solved and hopefully this won’t be a running issue with all brands due to some obscure patent.

I also seem to recall leaving my phone case on a park bench one time but I may just be remembering the movie Sleepless in Seattle or Alien.

I have no hands-on opinions on this particular controller. I am not recommending (or against it.) I just think the idea has been a loooooong time coming. It’s certified made for Xbox, hall effect triggers, it’s probably good, but it’s not in my hands. Just a company we’ve worked with in the past fixing an issue that I’ve been surprised has been around this long.

Next if they’ll fix the whole Android or Apple but not both connector issue that’d be great. Seems like at this point a small adapter would more than cover one product and help keep some Gamevice Flex controllers out of landfills in the future.

The Gamevice Flex is available for Android and Apple phones. Make sure you get the right one for you.

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